SUBFACE is a system, a software application which converts simple digital 3d polygon model to 3d models of construction components. Afterwards the components can be manufactured by router, laser cutter and 3d printer.

Model in Blender
Simplified polygon model of a rock.
Generated frame.
The frame covered by walls.

SUBFACE takes a polygon model usually in a format of simple STL file. Based on the parameters,  it generates geometric data of the components connectors, beams and walls, DXF files for walls and list of beams with dimensions.

Original polygon model can be altered by settings. For example beams on the edges of two co-planar faces can be removed automatically. It is also possible to add internal beams to increase stiffness of the construction.


Connectors are generated at nodes and if necessary on the edges between two nodes. Connectors connect beams and create frame.

Node connector has fingers (1). Each finger is marked by a number (2). Node is marked by number either in the middle (3) or on an edge (4) of the mounting pad(5).

Parameters which can be set:

  • diameter of the fingers
  • diameter of the beams
  • length of the fingers
  • thickness of the mounting pad
  • markers of nodes and fingers can be turned on or off

Other wall mounting and beam locking mechanism are in development.