Channelier Suite

Channelier Suite is a collection of tools for creating 3d models of channel letters, which are to be manufactured by a 3d printer. These tools are for professional sign-makers as also as for hobby makers. The tools are add-ins for Autodesk Fusion 360.  

The expression “channel letter” in this and following articles stand for any shapes of signs and glyphs not only for letters.

The general purpose of these tools is to automate the process of 3d channel letter design from a 2D drawing. There are several ways how can be a 2D shape extruded into the 3rd dimension. The final product can respond to technical requirements and also to visual, esthetical needs. Many available parameters allow users to tune the final design to meet all needs.

Following tools are available:

  • Font Channelier
  • Glyph Channelier Trial
  • Glyph Channelier

Channel letters and additive manufacturing.

Creating channel letters by additive manufacturing creates a new universe of design possibilities. Decreasing the costs of FFF 3D printers, an increasing number of materials with plenty of colors makes this way of producing channel letters very attractive.
The effectivity of LED light sources, which create much less heat, allows us to use them with a combination of plastic materials.

Anyway, some limitations of FFF technology require specific design solutions to minimize postprocessing. For example, Channelier Suite supports a design, which doesn’t or reduces the need for supports.


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