We are specialist in design and manufacturing of irregular structures and objects. Using our technology, we can easy transform a polygon 3d model into a real life.  object. Customer can choose large portfolio of materials which according their needs.

Advertising sculptures

There are many ways how to attract customers to your business.  Think about sculpture created to your wish.  Attract customers to your cafe, restaurant, hotel,  shop or to your booth on a fair trade.

Affordable and Attractive.

Object rentals

For temporary installation we have some object to rent.  Check out our list to find out what is available.

Designers ceilings and walls

Enhance the visual attractiveness of your  interior by designer walls and backgrounds.

Illuminated advertising

Using transparent faces (acrylic) we create an illuminated advertisement. Mixing faces of different colors can create eye catching design.

Engineering and design

In case you would like to manufacture a polygon shaped object, we can provide you with calculations and CAD files. Our proprietary software using our own ” exact mesh offsetting” algorithm can calculate shapes of particular faces also if they have different thicknesses. With our system create CAD data either for faces made of metal sheets or from thick plaster boards. The outside geometry will always be the same.

Software development

We have experience in development of applications, add-ins and extensions for automated design. We differ automated design from parametric design. We provide tools  and solutions which can create complex 3D structures based on input data. The computation of the result must take complex relationships  into account to create proper design.

We use Python and C++ programming languages.